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David Stone
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Turning in PGR3

I've got PGR3 and while it's definitely pretty, I just can't get into the control mechanism of the game (maybe too much Ridge Racer). How exactly does drifting and braking play into the driving mechanics of the game? I can't figure out how the emergency brake can be a help rather than a hindrence. Enduro, I know you're big in PGR2 and can probably give me a hand in explaining this stuff, but anyone's help would be appreciated.
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Re: Turning in PGR3

It depends on the car.

There are a lot of ways to get a car to drift, but unlike in RR6, drifting through a turn isn't always a good idea (unless you're just trying to get a lot of Kudos).

My first suggestion is for you to ignore any habits you may have acquired from RR6 because PGR is a lot different.

A lot of times you can drift with a quick tug of the handbrake while simultaneously laying off the gas and jumping back on.

Other times you can break the rear wheels free by simultaneously releasing the accelerator, turning the wheel hard, and jumping back on the gas.

Other times just downshifting or using the regular brake for a quick moment will help induce a slide.

Basically, you're looking to instantly exceed the tire's traction coefficient. Tires only have so much grip. The grip is used to 1) brake, 2) steer, and 3) propel the car forward. Tires can't do all three at the same time. And, depending on your speed or severity of the turn or braking pressure, they can't even do 2 of them at once. To drift, you just have to make the tires do what they don't want to. But do so in a controlled manner.

One of the easiest ways to induce a drift is through the use of a curb. Run the car over the corner of a curb under high acceleration and turn the wheel hard for the turn. That brief instant when the rear wheels are in the air after popping off the curb, they'll begin to rotate faster than they could on the ground and that acceleration combined with the steering will cause them to break free when they land and you'll slide.

Sometimes just jerking the wheel back and forth can get you to do a back-and-forth fishtail slide. Especially if you continuie to accelerate hard or tug the handbrake.

Your mileage may vary. And it will for every car. One thing I will say (and I probably and hope I don't have to) is that you needn't expect to drift much with FF cars. In RR6 most every car is rear-wheel drive unlike in PGR. FWD cars don't really drift well.
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