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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I wish I had seen that "feeling guilty and abandoning the escape plan" scene you mention. Instead, I was predictably caught by the first guard I encountered, which made the possession stuff feel wasteful, while also meaning I didn't get to see any character development. The scene felt like an awkward missed opportunity to me, and I'm glad some of the other routes through that section of the game were more interesting.

My favorite scene by far was the dinner date. My sister (who rarely plays games) happened to be watching while I played it, and she basically ended up taking over and walking me through everything Jodie should do to get ready, while getting progressively annoyed at me for trying to ruin things as Aiden. It was really neat to get to play as two different characters with conflicting goals. I wish the game had spent more time exploring that concept.

I thought most of the secret agent scenes were wasted, simply because most of the content they offered has already been done (and done better) by countless other games. I would have been happier if Jodie spent more time awkwardly navigating social situations, and no time hiding behind cover shooting people. Games are in a weird place now, where deciding how to prepare dinner can feel refreshing and new, but blowing up helicopters feels stale and boring.

I'd also like to mention that as much as I hate QTEs in games, I actually enjoyed the movement based ones in Beyond. I hate it when games throw a "Tap A" instruction on the screen, mostly because I stop paying attention to the action and instead focus entirely on the button prompts. There are entire minute long action sequences in Indigo Prophecy that I simply didn't see because I was too busy matching buttons. The "move your control stick in the same direction as Jodie's movement when things go into slow motion" style of QTEs was much less intrusive and encouraged me to pay attention to what was actually happening on screen. I would prefer it if QTEs went away completely, but if they must persist they should at least be done in a clever way like this.
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