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Old 06-18-2013, 04:09 PM   #16
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Re: E3 2013

I think the post-E3 reaction against Sony is too strong - the "they don't give us anything new, and they are charging for multiplayer" reaction.

Well, just think how it could have gone - it was looking pretty bleak beforehand when everyone expected them to adopt the same DRM measures as MS.

The $$$ for multiplayer isn't welcome, but is to be expected, I suppose, with MS making all that cash over the years on Live. The lesson is that people don't begrudge paying for a good product, and Sony demonstrated with PS+ that they can deliver that (Euro PS+ this month has XCOM, Demon's Souls, ICO, SotC, Kingdoms of Amalur and several Vita games).

That's all we want, a decent product, at the end of the day.

It'll be interesting to see how the used game thing shapes up for MS. I don't doubt the Xbone will sell like hot cakes, but if the owners are only buying 4 games a year instead of 8, will MS feel that at some point? Will the developers?
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Re: E3 2013

I think PS+ is still a good deal, it's cheaper than live and comes with free games, what's not to like? Demon's Souls alone this month would be worth the entry fee. I don't play much online with my PS, so I don't mind but I can understand why people get upset. I'm playing the rare occasions I do play online on pc and apart from mmorpg that has always been free, once I bought the game.

I'm still not sure what happened in the corporate brain of microsoft regarding used games and drm. I guess they thought publishers appreciate their proactive disregard for consumers for sheer corporate greed. I also guess they expected some localized outcry which goes over quickly and not such widespread anger and Sony 'winning' E3 by virtue of not making things noticeably worse for consumers.
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