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So... the XBox One then...

I was not all that excited after the PS4 reveal. But in hindsight that was quite the party. Now we know how the new Xbox is called. One. Since going from 360 to 1 makes total sense when most consumers don't even understand that Wii and WiiU are different things. At least one is a step forward, while 360 or 720 just signal rotating in place.

The reveal in a nutshell:

At least we know how the box looks like. The Xbox 1 looks like a VHS recorder from the mid 80ies.

If your competitor's stock goes up when you reveal your latest and greatest in home entertainment, there might have something gone wrong.

My personal highlight was the mocap dog for callodudy. But is it really a good sign for advanced AI when fish get out of your way? Is this 2013 or 1993? The first Unreal boasted advanced AI that was more impressive than... evading fish.

So, where are the console selling exclusive games? Forza which didn't show gameplay. Halo? There will be a tv series. Gears? MIA. Sorry but I don't buy a games console for watching tv and playing fantasy football.
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