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Smile Rate This Review: Mass Effect 3 (Warning: Some Spoilers)

Mass Effect 3, the game that has apparently pissed off a lot of people because they didn't get the ending that they wanted. That's not why I'm here, I'm here to talk about what made the Mass Effect series what it is today: The Story Line, The Exploration, the Game-play, and DECISION MAKING THAT LASTS THROUGH ALL THE GAMES.
The Mass Effect series might seem like it trails off at some points, but it's fluidity of taking you from one story of Commander Shepard to the next is completely flawless, and you realize that every single thing is connected. This has a lot to do with decision making that I will get into at a later time. Most video games, you play it for the action, but Mass Effect, unlike many games where you just shoot and kill people, you play it because you want Shepard to turn into a bad guy, or you want him to save the galaxy. You get attached to the characters, and when each one dies, you start to cry a little bit. You laughed when Joker flirted with EDI, and you were excited when you saw Grunt again. The point is: You get attached to them.
Exploring Mass Effect 3's galaxy for War Assets, Oil, Artifacts, Credits, and Side-missions will take you forever, but it's a forever that's worth it. It seems like a meaningless task at times, yes, but that's before the Reaper ships come and try to kill you for intruding on the territory that they took over. This scared the crap out of me at times while searching for valuables, and just barely escaping. But you must explore because it will help you in the Great Conflict.
The game-play is what makes a game, a game. If it sucks, then you burn it, if it's great, than you play it. I love Mass Effect's 3 game-play, because 99% of the time, it worked. How great do you feel sticking your omni-blade into the chest of a Brute? Or using biotic combos to take care of all the Husks that are rushing towards you, either way, the game-play is at it's finest. I do have a problem with the AI however. The AI are much better than they are in other games, there is still a lot to be done. I can't tell you how many times I've cursed out my T.V. when I had 0 health packs during a fight with 2 Banshees, and Liara passes out, forcing me to miraculously dodge everything just to heal her so I would have a better chance of defeating them. So overall, the game-play is great, and the AI could use improvement.
Decision-making is key to make/break relationships, and it is also key as to who lives and who dies. If someone dies during the first 2 games, I'm sorry, they won't be making it in the 3rd game. And if they survived, you're going to be making a lot more life/death decision making. Here's an example: (SPOILER ALERT)
If Tali didn't die in the 2nd one, then you will meet up with her on the third one, saving her planet from the Geth. You will also get the choice to save Legion. If you choose so, you will eventually run into a cut-scene where Legion has offered to upgrade all of the Geth and it will stop the attack against the Creators AKA the Quarians. Tali begs you not to. If you choose to upload the upgrade, Legion will die, and Tali will jump off the cliff, in which you can try to save her, but it will be worthless. If you choose not to upload the upgrade, than they both will live, and Tali will tend to like you more. This will also affect the number of troops you have as well. The Quarians would be the best to have because they have the largest fleet in the galaxy. What I am saying here is: Everything is based around the decisions that you make; from the beginning of the first one, to the end of the third one, every little thing counts.
Mass Effect 3 has some flaws like every other game, but the good outweighs the bad ten-fold. To make a game based off of decisions that you have made in the previous game is a monumental achievement for any game company. I'm glad that Bioware is in charge of it, and I can't wait to see what they do next. So as it is sad to see most of Mass Effect 3's endings, there is a little glimmer of hope after the credits.
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Re: Rate This Review: Mass Effect 3 (Warning: Some Spoilers)

Decided to read this after realising the author is the same one who wrote a highly entertaining New Vegas review on here. This time, I'd like to give some proper criticism, as underneath this appears to be someone who is smart and outspoken, two things I think a reviewer should be.

Aside from obviously needing to work on your grammar, this review needs structure. A brief introduction to what Mass Effect is about and the premise of this game, before getting onto the meat of the review- what it gets right in terms of story, dialogue, and action, things I'd imagine are most important for this game. Meanwhile, explain how it ties into the previous games, and what any gameplay differences are. None of this mentioning something, digressing, and saying you'll get back to that later. Also, whilst giving an example on what impact your choices in the game makes on the story, keep it brief. You rambled on there.

I'd love to see more reviews from you, you certainly have the enthusiasm. 2 stars.
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