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Re: What are you playing right now?

Oh yes, one of the worst escort missions in recent memory. And considering how tedious escort missions usually are, that says a lot.

@Spec Ops: I would recommend to play it, but for the experience, rather than for "fun". The gameplay is integral part of the experience, unlike Deadly Premonition, where the shooty-bits are just tacked on. I wouldn't dismiss it as being lacking (even though the cover mechanics doesn't always work as intended). The first hour I almost quit because it looked like a me-too-CoD-clone, with a sprinkle of Uncharted. Nolan North even voices the main character (and he does an excellent job). And the soundtrack is pretty cool.

But then I started to notice a couple of things and after about 2 or 3 hours I was engaged, by the end I was glued to the screen. I don't want to spoil anything, but: things are not as they seem in this game. It starts already with the player being directly acknowledged in the opening credits. Now I read some reviews about the game and a lot of people just seem to miss the point. Including the second opinion review on GC (still have to read the main review).

It's not much "fun" the same way Amnesia, Dark Souls or Silent Hill was not "fun" while playing. It has more in common with a horror game, but with a neat little distinction. It's a rather grim exploration of the relationship between player and avatar. About how far detached the modern military shooter is from reality. About how a hero of such a modern military shooter would be a mental trainwreck, ridden with guilt no matter how much he tries to convince himself he's just following orders and blames everyone else.
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