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Community User Submissions


I've been looking at the Community User Submissions thread, and have been surprised that there have been almost two full pages of reviews submitted in 2012. So there is a demand there for that type of thing, it seems.

However, I think that it's not really working. Firstly, the community isn't rating reviews.

Secondly, I can't be sure, but I don't think GameCritics staff are looking at them either.

To solve this issue, I propose that the Rating part, which currently states

If your review is averages 4 stars or higher after 10 or more votes by the community and is approved by two staff members, we will publish your review on our main homepage.
is changed so that FIVE ratings of 4 stars or higher is the new standard. If you look at one of the best recent reviews over there, Odofakyodo's Journey review, it was only rated 6 times, so 10 ratings is far too high.

As part of that, I would urge the regulars to read the review, and rate it. You don't have to write anything justifying your rating, but please read it and rate it if you have time.

Secondly, it would be good if GameCritics would give an undertaking to check in once every two weeks or so just to see if anything is there. You would only need to comment if the thread had been rated 5 times at an average of 4 stars. Maybe the reviews are being checked, but making an odd note in there would signify to people that they weren't wasting their time.

Offering the chance to get your review published on the site is something that makes this place what it is, so it would be a shame if it just fell by the wayside.

In Summary
We, the users, need to read and rate the reviews. Just a rating is fine.
Gamecritics need to read anything that averages 4 or above.

Can we agree to do that? Thoughts?
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