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Re: Go Vacation Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
here is the "more to come"
btw i am doing this in seperate parts just in case there's a letter capacity:
before i start, i have a quick question:
in the marine resort's crystal cave ( the path finder i told you about before ) there's a treasure chest. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET TO IT???
please let me know! now for the tips!
Snow Resort
I actually, no joke, found this treasure chest COMPLETELY by accident!!! warp to the peak ( 12 ) and make sure to be on your snowmobile. you'll see 2 paths in front of you. go down the one on the right. after that, stay left, there will be a few intersections; STAY LEFT! there might be cooler pathways to the right; STAY LEFT! if you want a treasure, then STAY LEFT! lol...eventually you will see a little jump. heres an idea: JUMP! once you land on the other side, stop, and look left. treasure!
Mountain Resort
on your horse, warp to 1 ( if youre not already there ). turn left and follow the train tracks. ( note: this takes, like, FOREVER, but bear with me. ) if you are familiar with this resort, then you should remember that the train tracks go through a tunnel. at the end of that tunnel ( unless you went the opposite way ) is a ramp, followed by a house. use the ramp to jump on the house. then jump off the house, and land on the next house. THEN jump off that house and onto the third house. ( there is a row of 3 houses ) if you do that, its a great performance!
more to come! ( and please answer the question! )
4 your question, swim up to the area where the chest is. Go to the far right. there should be a pair of stairs
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