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Re: Last movie impressions

This is the worst movie I've seen in quite a while. I only watched it because it said "Luc Besson" somewhere, but that is not a seal of quality anymore. The whole movie felt pointless. The characters were all unlikeable and by the end I saw myself rooting for the bad guys. Last time that happened was with some early 90ies Stephen Seagal-movie where he was particularly obnoxious. It's the typical 'troubled girl becomes killer'-fare but it's handled so ham-handed that it almost hurts watching. It's nowhere near Nikita or Leon in terms of story, characterization or even quality of the action scenes. I don't see any point for this movie to exist.
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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
I loved The Crow and Dark City, but I think starting with I Robot Proyas lost a bit of his skill level.
I didnt know Proyas did 'I Robot'. God what a shithole that film was. At least Asimov didn't have to see it.
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Re: Last movie impressions

Plastic Planet
The shocking part of it was that it really did not shock as much as it probably should. Almost like the warnings on cigarettes in Europe which doesn't stop a single smoker imho.
It should shock since the facts presented made it appear like it is equal or even worse than global warming to mankind, but since plastic is everywhere there seems to be no realistic option to ban it, so accepting "some harm" is ok. At least my non-reaction appears to me that way.

Flammen & Citronen
Similar to Black Book it just did not really work for me. The characters were interesting but the plot tangled itself with a love story, a broken marriage, distrust, duty, guilt whatever.
Maybe another 30 minutes would have helped, but it felt like it lacked some detail all over.

The end was a little underwhelming after the silent movie part, which is just brilliant.
Always a little odd when the end is not the best part of a movie.

Kate & Leopold
I like simple comedies especially when time travel and exploring the other ages is involved.
Could have been better, but nice.

Made of Honor
again, i like simple comedies.

The International
The involvement of money in war, dictatorships, international prosecution and such would have been an awesome foundation for a great film, but it felt like it did not really want to comment on that but rather be a conventional thriller just using the new Russians/ Mullahs/ Terrorists, the Bankers.

The Third Man
Interesting to see the Vienna of post-WW2.
Great zither music. Experimenting with unconventional music should be done more often.
The tilted shots seem to be still outstanding since i noticed them. A little artsy in that way should also be done more often.
The actual story and portrait of Austria was imo shallow.
"switzerland ... cuckoo clock" made me laugh. No idea how such a nonsense could get into a final version of a movie.
The final nonsense was the laughable opportunistic unhandiness of the main character showing in: I betray him, i betray him not, i betray him, i even kill him. Whatever is currently on my mind.

Man on Wire
Interesting to watch people doing something not really legal but don't hurt anyone by doing it.
At least not on purpose. I guess killing someone unfortunately stomped in the ground by the man on wire falling on him would have been possible.
I don't know where the beauty lies in any megalomania, which the participants all saw in their act. I admire the art of tight rope walking like shown in the preceding trainings. No need to risk anyones life for the pretty much same stunt, just high up in the air.

Klass (2007)
Impressive, very impressive, but i couldn't help the feeling it was cliched too often, even simplified the matter with pressing it in a single week timeframe.

Reminded me of soap opera or of stage plays.
I liked the intention but i was kind of bored with the amount of talking while saying not really much. Especially the small portion of intellectual, philosophical talk was rather poor.
The Last Supper which gives a more precise motivation or Funny games which encourages the viewer to question his desire for violence, the art of violence are imo far better variants of similar plots.

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Re: Last movie impressions

Battle Royale
I'm coming a bit late to this movie from 2000. It plays in a near-future/alternative Japan where the older generations are so terrified by teenagers that they send them to an island to kill each other off. One scene having the teacher, played by Takeshi Kitano, wonder how he should handle students: he used to beat them up to get them in line, but since that is not acceptable anymore he just doesn't know how to deal with them. I like the movie. It moved back and forth between being uncomfortable, hilarious, juvenile, shocking and thoughtful. I'd say it's a must see, if you can stomach the idea of children killing children.
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Old 12-22-2011, 11:30 AM   #245
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Re: Last movie impressions

This is england
American History X has the more impressive visuals but i don't really like how it ended with harmony, and the refined villain but old friendships leading to its bitter end ... This seems to be more genuine.

Four Christmases
Was often funny but could have been better.

Public Enemies
Did not really like it. Felt like it barely scratched the surface of his character and especially in the portrayal of his time.
American Gangster was for me the better version of a similar story.

Touch of Evil
Almost funny with all its overacting and want to be complex story.
Why did they not just give her real drugs? Completely illogical in one of the main plot points.

Bobby Fischer Against the World
awesome documentary!
I do like but i'm certainly no big fan of Ray or Walk the line and similar movies since they seem to always fail in giving a broader context to their respective time and position in their area.

I think Matrix 3 and more so 2 are the better movies when rewatching is considered. Still this is number 2 on my overall top list.

10 Rillington Place
A 70s movie were the acting is not weird. Applause.
Great movie.

Blue velvet
Did not like it as much as i do his other movies. Felt a little clumsy, almost uncertain if his later works should not already start here but haven't.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Actually entertaining but really generic.

What a crapload of nonsense.
I guess enjoyable for people who like trash movies.

Pretty interesting tale about respect, beauty, money and love.

Romeo must die
Was way better some years ago. Could hardly keep my attention while watching.

Home Alone
Never gets old

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Some or many movies never should get sequels.

Superman returns
The actually more interesting part of Superman is Clark Kent and he got only proper space in Smallville or Lois & Clark.
The effects were cool though.

Species 2
I did not like Doomsday but i like Species. Nasty alien sex. woohoo.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
gets old

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Shallow from start to finish. Disappointing.
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Re: Last movie impressions

Watching a little of the Godfather Part III having come home from the pub on New Year's Eve, Eve. First time I have seen it since the cinema release. It is really terrible.

Andy Garcia has just seduced Sofia Coppola while making gnocchi. Unconvincing.

Gnocchi: definitely the least erotic pasta.
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Re: Last movie impressions

The Adventures of Tintin.

CGI butchery of Tintin comics for children with ADD, and a vehicle for more 3D exposition, because 3D needs to be continually shoe-horned into the market....?

Basically, Michael Bay meets Pixar. Avoid.
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Old 01-15-2012, 06:11 PM   #248
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Re: Last movie impressions

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
I'd seen the original Swedish version of this on DVD (which itself only came out in 2009, so I was a little confused about how quickly this Hollywood remake came about). Both versions have their pros and cons.

I didn't like how, in the new one, the film was set in Sweden, but the dialogue was in English rather than Swedish. To be expected (Daniel Craig certainly isn't going to learn a whole new language for the sake of one film), but still, I prefer the original film in this regard. That is, in Swedish, with subtitles. I also think the 2009 version had a slightly darker feel, which I enjoyed. Also, the girl who plays Lisbeth in the original could be slightly hotter than the one who plays Lisbeth in the new one. But it's too close to call.

I *almost* prefer the 2012 TGWtDT, though. It was still suitably dark, and although both films follow the same plot as I presume the book has, the ending is better (and sadder) in this version. The acting was also great across the board- Daniel Craig was blatantly mainly cast for the ladies (there's enough topless shots of him, for Christ's sake), but his portrayal as unfairly disgraced journalist Mikael is fantastic. The eponymous girl of the film is played superbly, also- definitely an improvement on the portrayal of Lisbeth in the 2009 film, where I found it hard to sympathise with her because she was so annoying. Also, the soundtrack in the new film (by Trent Reznor) is great, and I'm not normally a fan of his work.

My biggest criticism of this version would be the product placement. There were a few too many scenes with the McDonalds or NIN logos, made worse by the fact they are so prominent (one scene starts with the camera literally being zoomed in on a happy meal for way too long). If it wasn't for the blatant, in-your-face advertising, I'd say I prefer the 2012 version of The Girl..., but as it is, it's merely "as good as" the 2009 one. I wouldn't be able to recommend one over the other. However, I would say they are both great films, and each is worth watching.

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Re: Last movie impressions

Year One
It had some silly and some funny moments, like Caveman some years ago.

Fred Claus
In the course of the inevitable happy end it lost its true potential.

Hardly the best iteration of the Christmas Carol idea ever made, but i liked its protagonists, especially Douglas as the mentor playboy was hilarious, so it was fine.

Taken (96Hours)
Logic or realism? Better not care for that.
But it was fun and fast entertainment.

Ice Age 3
Nice as always.

Luhrmans most ambitious work i guess, but his worst so far.

Temple Grandin
Awesome movie. Period. Makes Rain Man and Hoffmans performance look like some dumbed down popcorn movie.

Die Hard 4
a little bit over the top in scale and its Bond-villain, but McClane is fun to watch every time.

Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) 2009
Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)
Luftslottet som sprängdes (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)
Why the translators always have to mess with the original titles is beyond me. The english one at least got one right but the german titles : Verblendung, Verdammnis, Vergebung (dazzlement, perdition, absolution) WTF?
Noomi is just great, the rest rather meh. Especially the Blomkvists character with his annoying journalistic heroism. I don't want to prejuducie Rooney Mara, but she looks way too skinny and vulnerable for the angry Lisbeth character from what i've seen in trailers.

No idea why the books were hyped so much.
It always felt like it was a mish-mash of ideas already seen in other films.
(Twin Peaks, some Grisham work and in between people smuggling)
Lisbeths problems with entire society and trusting anyone was the only thing that felt fresh.
Reminded me also somehow of Delirium of the Sandman series.

State of Play
Sort of old-fashioned, sort of too much trying to be surprising and crammed with details and past which is in the end more distracting than suspenseful.

Race to Witch Mountain
Ok. Such comedies don't hurt anyone.

Watching Poppy, an always cheerful teacher taking everything with a smile is sometimes exhilarating, but it also seems to be annoying for some people around her pretty fast. And i know for sure that i would hate that quite fast. It appears ignorant to the not wonderful, real world we live in. While a single smile can hardly harm, smiling always and at everything seems simply inappropriate.
Her character seems to have some deeper understanding when things are serious and she gets serious when one of her class' boys has problems to behave because he is beaten by his moms new friend. But she totally fails in meeting her driving teacher appropriately. She quickly understood that he has serious problems but nevertheless never ceases to provoke him until a dramatic climax she sort of ignores too.
She always smiles and is always happy, but she appeared like a person in the end being ignorant to reality and its, the others sadness, unable to help and even not really wanting to.
I mean, seriously her teacher threatens his, hers and every other drivers life in the outburst scene and her answer to this is going paddling on a local sea and starting again making jokes on everything, not calling the police. "Would not help..." It might help someone not being killed?!?
On first glance her character appeared like being one the world deserves more of, but on one time truly trying to help and at another time shut her eyes made the writing appear lacking understanding its own figures.

Alien Teacher
Interesting, but an not at all convincing experience.

Be Kind Rewind
Defining sweding was great, but the movie is not really meaty.

Stealing Rembrandt
Liked it, although i guess a little polish here and there could have made it a real great movie.

Nanga Parbat 2010
Not the best climbing movie i ever saw. The sort of chaotic expedition and Reinholds egocentric attitude seem quite realistic but the often shown naivety seemed out of place, although it also might be true.
I guess the more interesting film would be about Reinholds later near death expeditions and all the other records he set.

The Natural
I like those sport fairy tales. Even when it's Baseball.

Any plans for a Gretzky or Messier movie/documentary?

Bakjwi (Thirst)
Interesting approach on vampire movies. Sort of irritating and beautiful like all his movies. (Chan wook)

A true little gem.

I liked the Emmerich movies so far, but this was really underwhelming. Great special effects, but a bullshit story and misplaced jokes all over.

Vantage Point
At least the third vantage point started to be annoying. Get to a point anytime soon, please! One of those complex, wannabe clever movies that get lost in their high ambitions.

Last Samurai and Blood Diamond were very ok, but Zwick stopped making great movies somewhere in the mid 90s, imho.
And here it's again a piece of story which would deserve a much better director.
You just can't make drama with some bits and pieces which might be accurate but won't work in a distilled two hours experience of reality. When you start with the murder of jews you can't make shortly later some joking about "forest wifes" and the certainly angry real wifes (that are maybe already dead?). You can't keep suspense and horror on the Nazi threat when the watchman is portrayed like a totally incapable idiot commented with some easy sayings.
Seriously, WTF?

Liked it very much. Two grown up man, one is sensible and super introvert, the other one harsh, vulgar and appearing like possibly violent, first sharing a room in a psychiatric (?) social state institution and when being released to society, share an apartment and face life for the first time on their own.
Elling soon decides to become an underground poet, while Kjell Bjarne just wants to have sex, while being shy and is only able to talk about it freely with his companion.
Both figures are not exactly lovable at first sight but overall they are nice guys just having problems to be "normal".
Fine intelligent movie.

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Re: Last movie impressions

Source Code -

tightly put together sci fi thriller. like 'Moon', Duncan Jones keeps the themes of human frailty out in front of the action, and it makes the whole thing work. The ending had 3 levels of reveal, one of which had me in tears. Recommended.
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Re: Last movie impressions

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Ok, for an evening of unambitious entertainment.

King Leopold's Ghost
Depressing and disturbing movie about a part of history hardly less brutal and inhuman than what happened in Nazi-Germany.
It's about Congos history from 19th century to today.
Instead of allowing an actually rich country to prosper entire Congo was first "enslaved" by Leopold.
After Leopolds terror (owning the entire country in private!), some decades of Belgium colonialism and after it finally seems to end, freedom in reach, their first democratically elected leader got replaced by a dictator authorized by Belgium and, of course, also the USA. (Is there any currently fucked up country where they did not take part in an capitalistic driven interference?)

The depiction of what happened under Leopold was unbelievable, but ... the shown speech of Bush (senior) thanking Mobutu for being a loyal friend is disheartening to a new level. A country terribly underdeveloped, a leader having Billions on his account and then thank him for basically securing this? Pretty much yesterday and not really anymore in past Wild West times?
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Re: Last movie impressions

Der Räuber
Based on a true story movie about a Austrian bank robber running all his free time, being actually a pretty successful marathon runner.
Or maybe a marathon runner robbing banks in his free time?
Seems like he never synced with society, and never found a society compatible purpose for his life.

The grey zone
Another Nazi era movie that tells an interesting story but seems to lack the quality it would deserve.

I haven't known about this so far. Jews being those who led their comrades into the gas chambers, of course under threat of loosing their lives if they did not. Basically they did hardly anything else than all others who "just did their job".
The question is raised once with a older men killing himself after the first day where he had to dispose his whole family. Is death a better choice than taking part in the killing for some extra minutes.
But this very substantial question, what you would do if your life is at stake, was a little overshadowed by the slightly weird told story of the sabotage rebellion destroying two of the four cremate ovens. With distrust and a lot of quirky dialogs.

Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kasper
Funny, to watch a Bavarian version of heaven and the death being tricked by one of his customers into promising him some extra years.
Not much of a good story, but a Bavarian Petrus... great.

I Love You, Man
Liked it.

Liked it, not. A cheap, brutal for the sake of being brutal, predictable movie.

Lilja 4-ever
About a 16 girl living somewhere in former Sovietunion and ending being a prostitute in Sweden.
Heart break.... rather tearing movie.
Still gives me chills when i think about it. Probably accurate in its fictitious details.
Strong recommend.

The intro was very good but at the end it got just another X-Men movie with too much super heroes all with gimmicky powers. It was a little better since it had at least some focus on Wolverines past, but it still felt bleak.
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Re: Last movie impressions

Forbidden Kingdom
Nothing special but i like all those movies with the small kid becoming something like Bruce Lee.
And Li was funny as the monkey king.

Ashes of Time Redux
If Lynch made a Kung Fu movie it might be like that. Very interesting work with genre atypical calmness only interrupted with brief fighting sequences.

Sort of like an emo version of It's a Wonderful Life.

Monster vs. Aliens
The figure design was incredibly funny, the plot rather conventional, in sum good fun.

Especially interesting when having seen the Fisher documentary some weeks ago. Here chess saves an imprisoned mans sanity after he is "tortured" by not getting any food for his brain, nothing to do and being able to steel one day a book, a chess book.

Iron Man
Great popcorn movie.

Max Schmelling
Another much loved Uwe Boll movie.
But it's not that bad imo. Especially since Henry Maske was a champion himself, so the boxing scenes were no bullshit like in the Rocky-movies and i think it tried to tell the facts accurately, which is usually good.
But Maske is also a rather stiff person in reality, so he as an actor is probably no good choice, although i have no idea if Schmelling possibly was as portrayed.
Interesting biopic of a German sportsman in the Nazi era.

Wedding Date
Average kitschy romantic movie.

Like MvA, funny figures. The hamster was the star of the movie. Plot a little better but of course no real intellectual masterpiece since it's for kids.

Oh my. I remembered it being quite horrifying when watching it for the first time some decades ago. Now it's sort of funny. Lousy dialogs, lousy effects, sound and visual, just a lousy B-movie.
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Re: Last movie impressions

John Carter

Lighthearted and confidently made swords & sandals pulp action fantasy. Enjoyed it alot!
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Re: Last movie impressions

The Iron Lady:

Ok, I'll admit it - I'm British. And old enough to remember (well, the last few years of her reign anyway) Thatcher being in power. This both qualifies and disqualifies me from writing what might be considered a universal review, since I already 'know what's going to happen', and am likely to have a political bias for or against her...I'll try though!

I went in expecting to be presented with a 2 and a half hour account of Thatcher's political career, along with a presentation of her controversial decisions (breaking the unions, the Falkland War etc), and to a certain extent I got that. However, the creators have been very clever in framing the story in terms of the dementia that the present-day Lady Thatcher supposedly suffers from. This allows them to overcome the criticism (from some of Thatcher's own advisors, even) that the film has a Conservative agenda, and/or is concerned with protecting her legacy. Whether this is a successful tactic or not is up for debate, but it seems clear that the decision to approach the movie in this way was a direct result of the difficulty with which we treat real-life political leaders in film (well, the ones that weren't evil anyway).

As for the acting, Streep does a fantastic job, well deserving of her Oscar, and really humanizes the Iron Lady - something never really thought possible before, either by her fans or her detractors. This has led to some criticism in the UK, but you can't argue against Streep's acting talents.

I'd love to hear what some non-UK people thought about it, especially those who may be hearing about Thatcher for the first time!
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