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Mocha Leopard
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Re: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
HEL ME!! I CANNOT FIND SHADE REMAINS!! I got like 6 in a row from the bug book but they won't give me any more!!! I can't remeber if it was in mystery time or not. ;(
A bit (or hugely, lol) late, but here are a certain list of bugs with specific sizes that you can trade in to the Grumpy Book in the Library to get Shade Remains:

* - Found only in Mystery Time

*Ancient Dragonfly (big)
-Centipede (very big)
*Human-Faced Moth (quite big)
-Swallowtail (very big)
-Moth (huge)
-Ladybug (legendary)
-Mayfly (legendary)
*Mandragora (small)
*Tsuchinoko (small)

That's all I know. You're best option are huge Moths. They're pretty common. And it doesn't matter whether you trade it in during Mystery Time or not; as long as you have the specific bug, you're good for some good ol' Shade Remains.

No, there are no fish that you can trade for Shade Remains. At least, in my knowledge. ^^'

NOTE: To catch Mandragoras, don't pull the bluish-green "weeds" in normal time. Instead, remember where it is, go into Mystery Time, run to where it is, and you should find the Mandragora awake and walking about. Catch it with a net, and there you have it.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i just got the game 2 days ago and i want to take diffrent classes than the ones that the teachers are teaching over and over again.What do i have to do???

i have two mysteries and i dont know how to solve them.One is "the statue in the lobby is missing" and the other is "the weird sound in the cave that sounds like a frog." PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
I'm not too sure about the classes, but perhaps you could try ranking up more? Get more stars (ten at best) and rank up your Harry Potter. Maybe they'll start teaching more and more classes. As an alternative, you could also try and solving more and more mysteries. Or maybe just wait a while and it could change some time.

When a mystery is in session, I do believe some of them offer special classes as hints for you on how to solve them. The two you've asked for don't really have any special classes for them; they're purely all you. For the missing statue, that's the Gargoyle. Go to the cave and you should find him snoozing there. You have to find a set of items that would help him keep awake.

You can try your luck at just randomly giving him mushrooms, berries, and fish. Alternatively, you can ask around the village for descriptions of food, usually fish or mushrooms. Find those, and make sure you have two of each. Why? Don't ask, just do.

Next, you have to find another item he'll eat. In this case, you can give him a Fly Agaric Mushroom, because I'm sure that item works. Make sure you have an extra of the mushroom, too. After you've given him one of each three items, he'll ask you to give you all three at once. Do that.

He should suddenly get all Serious Mode and he'll thank you. Mystery solved.

My memory escapes me, so I don't remember which one that second one is. Sorry.
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