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Last movie impressions

Machtlos (Rendition)
It was ok, tried to tell something important, though in a bit too simple manner. Not as good as i think it should have been.

Abbitte (Atonement)
The book was pure awesomeness and the Pride and Prejudice team did a great job in making a movie of it.

Good movie about a man searching for his place in mankind.

28 weeks later
as bad as a movie can be. If it was supposed to be a trash movie they should not have named it like a successor of 28 days later which was a good movie.

Death Sentence - Todesurteil
Strong acting but the "Falling Down" aspect didn't look reasonable to me.

Maybe i just loved the real black and white (with some occasional shades of grey and even some colors once) but i thought it to be a great film.

Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege
My first Uwe Boll movie ever. It was ok, but too much trying to copy Lord of the Rings, and failing in being more than average.

Die letzte Legion (the last legion)
Quite similar to Dungeon Siege. While obviously lacking budget which Boll had more (?) but sunk, here the story was a little too mystic while being realistic.

VERY strong main actor and an interesting film about the exhausting research for an important book.

Allein gegen die Angst (translated ~alone against the fear)
ok, for a tv-production, but overall a disappointingly handled story about people losing their lives in a witness-protection program and also those who are there to protect them and also their lives.

An ihrer Seite (Away From Her)
Heart touching!

More interesting than Amores Perros but i have again no clue what it actually tried to tell. Magnolia still is my favorite episode drama.

Lady Vengeance - Leben für die Rache
Very similar, to the more known Oldboy, since it's part of a trilogy. Even harder because it concentrates the violence to the end. I liked it and the main character.

Let's make money - Machen wir Geld
Politics fail, because we all fail and so capitalism is on its way to ruin te majority of mankind. Yay!

Idiots and Angels
Very simplistic animated movie. I didn't quite get what it told me, but it was ok to watch once.

Feuerherz (Heart of Fire)
It focused on the experience of a little girl in eritrean war, but it lacked the wider picture of the conflict to make a real impact.

Citizen Kane
Pretty similar to Capote and for some change a good open end.

Hot Shots - der zweite versuch
Love those type of movies. Why aren't there more of those, more of not Wayans one would also be good.

Great Story. Why did they have to make so many lame sequels?

Tödliche Entscheidung (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Interesting way of telling the story from different perspectives. Tension was well built.

Streik (Stachka / Strike)
The film techniques were seminal but a russian film about a strike that is being forced down by the upper class? It might have been a propaganda movie against capitalism, although the officials were also from military... ??? For me it was more of a future prediction about 1956, 1968.
Were communism failed because of capitalism combined with dictatorship.

About a Boy
Hornby + Grant = great

Freispiel (translated ~free round)
One of those many austrian movies were the cabaret scene does the acting.
Awesome fun and most of the times also a deep story but as it can't be translated properly it even can't hardly have success in Germany.

Schwarze Nelke (Svarta nejlikan/ The Black Pimpernel)
When there is one single thing good in war it's that there is almost always some people that can't bear the injustice and try to help as much as they can.
This movie is about the Swedish Ambassador rescuing about 1300 people in Chiles military putsch. (while only Finland helped and the rest of the world looked away)

Der Sohn der Braut (El hijo de la novia/ Son of the Bride)
It didn't play the right strings on me, but Alzheimer, old people still in love, a heart attack, business stress are usually good ingredients for a good movie.

Der Nebel (The Mist)
King + Darabont = instant win?
This time not for me, if it should have been a trash movie it should have told it more obviously. The predictable end was the only shimmer were the normal standard of this team shined through.

Big Mamas Haus 2
I like simple comedies.

Kings of Rock - Tenacious D
Very Bill&Tedish, but it rocked. Especially liked the "classics"-Rock when they meet first time.

Todeszug nach Yuma
Tried to be realistic (?) but those figures and actions felt totally weird and unreal.
He's the top gangster and can flee not only once... The end was just an explanation mark on the nonsense.
Totally unsatisfying movie.
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