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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Originally Posted by redkenpolpot View Post
The best advice I can give you is either raise ur domestic spending , via social agendas. Increase Environment too. Try also researching projects that are positive trends of world opinion ( this can be viewed by veiwing benefits of tech via research info panel).

Alternatively end the wars by winning them, however if u r anything like the real US, Then u will get a draw at best in Korea and the French , well should be an easy victoey, I'm British and live only a few 100 miles from them and can tell you we've given them a good bloody thumping a few time!

Or just fck the UN and Nuke em! u are the US it is a tradition in that country?

Figures a British fag running his mouth about the US, even though, IRL, the British are the US's lap-dog. Bush got Blair to do just about anything he wanted, like making the British believe there were WMD's in Iraq still. Laff. Before you say something stupid, do your research. Oh, and btw... The only real war the French have won since Charlemagne, Clovis, and Mereuvis (spelling) was the French Revolution, but how hard is it for France to lose / win that?
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