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Smile Please Rate This Review: AiRace (DSiWare) Review

AiRace: Tunnel was 200 points. AiRace is a different game and costs 800 points.
At first you must be thinking 800 points, a second game, it must suck. Wrong, this game is easily becoming a favourite game of mine. In AiRace, you get 6 different courses to race around and you can race around the same track but in reverse. Each track is beautifully detailed and huge, for a DSi downloadable game. My personal favourite is split between the City Streets & Storm Drains courses. You can choose between 9 different types of planes, 3 of which are slow, 3 are fast and the other 3 are very fast. The opening cinematic randomly reminds me of those old PSX opening cinematic. That is a good thing. For controls you could use the stylus and buttons or mix it up, but for me I used the D-pad & buttons. If you use the buttons like me, then the game is another pick up & play. The audio was cool but it wasn't anything special. In championship mode, you can upgrade your plane and you can customize your plane but I don't think there's no point in customizing the plane because when I raced, 2 of the 6 planes looked exactly like my plane.You get some really cool power-ups in this racer, even though most of them end in the plane you're shooting at or you're plane crashing. Most of the power-ups are missiles anyway, but they do different things, like one can turn off your plane and you'll just die. Which is my favourite, another spins your plane out of control and crashes. You also get speed booths. Sometimes the A.I. is easy to beat and other times it's a little tricky, considering I had it on normal the whole way through Championship mode. You do get multiplayer, only 6 player offline. I want to know, why this doesn't have online multiplayer? AiRace: Tunnel was the practice and this game is the 'Put your skills to the test racing game' and I think you should check out this one before you check out the first one. Even though there's no online, this game is a hell of a lot of fun, it's addicting, and it's just awesome. I'm giving AiRace for the DSi a 8.5 out of 10. A must download for any DSi owner
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