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Please Rate This Review! Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 (PS2)

HIGH Tons of new features, updated roster with 62 superstars and I never get tired of beating people up.
LOW Limitation to the Create-A-Story and lots of stuff was copied from the previous version.
WTF Targeting and graphical issues, also those freaking sound bugs.
Each year THQ delivers us games like Smackdown vs. RAW and they are good... but not great. Well it's not the case this year, since THQ made Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 which are probably the best in the series. This year’s game is no doubt the best but it still has its share of problems.

Create Modes:
The biggest thing about Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 is the ability to create almost anything! The Create-a-Superstar is back and it's exactly the same as the last year. The clothes are painted on and the facial add-ons are the same, but its better then nothing. Tons of new moves have been added to the Create-a-Move set which is always good and the Create-a-Finisher now has 40% more material as well as Top-Rope Finishers, with which you can create all kinds of flips, spin & turn to make the crazies finisher ever! No complains there. Probably the biggest new feature is the Story Designer, which let's you create your own story about anything you want. You can add cutscenes, dialog, music, matches, who interferes in them, who wins, who losses and much more. It's fun but it's limited since you only have 36 matches and only 43 cutscenes unlike the next-gen versions where you have unlimited possibilities.

Roster & Road to Wrestlemania:
The game has over 50 superstars like Eve Torres and Vladimir Kozlov who made their appearance for the first time, others like John Cena, Triple H and Jeff Hardy who are always welcomed and others like Brian Kendrick and Mr. Kennedy who just won’t leave. Using the Superstar Management you can switch superstars from one brand to another, change the title holder and even how the crowd reacts to them. This all is very easy, accessible and useful. “Road to Wrestlemania” is back with 6 playable characters each with his or her unique story, which are highly enjoyable, but they only take about 2 hours each. During certain matches you'll have to fulfill a condition (beat your oppoent under a ceratian time or throw him through a table and more) and as a reward you’ll unlock playable characters, costumes and matches. It’s a great idea but the conditions are not that fun and they can also get repetitive.

The controls are the same as last year which is fine. What I liked is that you can now reverse using only the R2 button, which is good but it sometimes does not respond on time. My another complain is that the game sometimes cheats and doesn’t give you a chance to attack when you most need to. It's frustrating but it still doesn’t take you away from the experience. The Royal Rumble match has also got a huge upgrade. You can now eliminate your opponent in 3 ways, near the ropes, top of the turnbuckle and bottom rope each one with its own mini-game. They make the Royal Rumble more fun to play but sometimes no matter how much try you’ll get eliminated especially if you’re playing on hard difficulty.

Graphics & Sound:
The graphics in Smackdown vs. RAW for the PS2 are of course not as good as the PS3 version but they still good enough to look out with having your eyes fall out. The wrestlers look realistic but the crowd still looks awful and it’s obvious that THQ did not try to fix that. To make things easier the momentum bar is now a ring around your wrestler and not a bar on the top of the screen which I think was unnecessary. Most of the superstars have the same attire as last year but at least some of them got an upgrade.
What's really disappointing about this game is the sound. Randy Orton says that he can “hear voices" well I don’t, especcialy when my tag team makes an entrance. It sounded like the whole building is empty. But what I did like is to hear the ring announcer say stuff more accuratly during the entrances, but why can’t I hear anything during the matches? All I can hear is the commentators talking which has improved from last year so now I don’t hear the same stuff over and over again, but I’m still pretty disappointed because the commentators sometimes say the wrong stuff.

Bottom Line:
If you’re a wrestling fan like me then you’re really going to enjoy this game. The content is solid even for the PS2 game. The roster is huge, Road to Wrestlemania is fun and the ability to create almost anything makes you feel like Vince McMahon himself, well not completely. It's a big improvement from the previous version but if you’re that type of person that likes to hang online then I would recommend the PS3 or Xbox version, but PS2 is still a good choice if it's your only console. You’ll be disappointed by the bugs, glitches and limitation to the Story Creator but with all the new features you’re most likely to ignore it. But if you’re not a wrestling fan you should rent it first.

I’m giving Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 for the PS2, 7 out of 10.

This game was obtained via retail store and reviewed on the PS2. Approximately 7 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes.

Parents: The game is rated "T" since there are Blood, Mild Launguage and Violince (punching, grappling, use of weapons) but it's a wrestling game, what did you expect? But if you'r kids are wrestling fans there's no harm or serious violince.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: There are voice-overs during the "Road to Wrestlemania" which can be subtitled but there's nothing you can do about the commentatiors during the matches, and excpet for the entrance music and the main menu soundtrakc there's nothing more you'r gonna hear.

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