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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I also strongly think this game really need a patch!

I manage to beat the king in my second game by using the "0 bell" strategy (plus a bit a luck). The king still had a strong land force but with only 8 Man O War ships. I managed to wipe them all out (with privatee and SOLs), so that I won the war (i.e. the land force no longer able to arrive, although the king still have around 100~150 land units...... who the hell design this game???). In order to dispose my "extra" military force, I even declared war on another king (i.e. while another foreign colony is having war with his king), it was awesome.

However, I try not to use the "0 bell" strategy in my 3th game, and I failed..... This game really need a patch, as it is pointless to play a game which can only be won by a stupid strategy......
AMEN! Preach it brother. I was wondering why had never heard of this game - being a diehard CIV fan. Agree with comment someone said - how could Sid put his name of this?!? Kid need college money? It's an exercise in futility.
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