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Suggest an album.

Thought this might be a good thread. What are you listening to? What would you suggest to others?

Right now i'm loving Far by Regina Spektor, its got alot of different stylistic components to some of her earlier work, but as a whole its a great album, with some amazing songs.

Regina Spektor - Laughing with:

Also, The new Enter Shikari Album, Common Dreads. I don't know how big these guys are in the states, they're massive over here in the uk. However I never really felt all of the hype, and never really liked their first album. This one however is a different ball game, its definatly not to everyones taste, but is quite a refreshing change in direction for them, while still keeping true to the style of the first album.

Enter Shikari -Juggernauts:
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