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Please Rate This Review - Flower

A creative game is hard to find nowadays, since most games are basically built with the same concept. Flower on the other hand is definitely a one of kind game and something that I have never played before. There is really no story to flower other than you are trying to restore the city back by restoring plants. Sounds kind of funny but it does work. Each time you restore a plant, you bring more life to the city. Actually, I think its a pretty cool idea. As you go to restore these plants you experience an unforgettable feeling. You start off as a pedal in each level and you collect more pedals. The more pedals you collect, the more life you bring to earth. You see things going from black and white to green, and non living items that come back to live. The most entertaining part of the game is that there are basically no controls. All you do is press one button of your choice and tilt the controller. Must I say that this game uses the sixaxis motion sensor extremely well. As you steer your pedals, bringing joy to the earth. I also forgot to mention that each pedal creates a musical note. Allowing you to make your own mini orchestra. Available for only ten dollars exclusively on the Playstation Network, I recommend everyone to download this hidden gem. Flower receives 9.5 out of 10.
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Re: Please Rate This Review - Flower

Hi Gillie, if you are interested in having your review published on our site, please follow our review format and please avoid writing in the second person. I would also expand your review as well. Thanks for submitting.

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