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Review of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for DS

If you think Chinatown Wars is just a game of Grand Theft Auto series to try its modest origins in 2D, you will a big surprise. Still spend most of their time driving
stolen cars and causing problems with firearms. But the similarities end there. Chinatown Wars extraordinarily innovative and improved the style of play of his
Play as Huang Lee, whose father, a criminal has been killed recently. You'll find a host of varied missions. In general, Chinatown Wars is like any other GTA, but with
some improvements that make it easier to understand. One obstacle is that Chinatown Wars, occasionally, you'll need to use the touch screen when something drawbacks.
Chinatown Wars is the first in the series that lets you re-play any mission you've done beforehand. Another great new feature is the "trip skip". The missions are not
as complicated and in general, not the failure of a couple of times.
When not carrying out the missions, you'll have a lot of things to do. Stealing drugs is simple when compared to obtain weapons. Additionally, weapons have ammunition
in abundance, "to help you complete tasks more easily. Proximity mines are a fun addition to the armory of the GTA.
With these new features, Chinatown Wars is a title that has improved dramatically. Instinctive controls very well the advantage of touch screen. The multitude of
optional activities and multiplayer modes are super fun. However, the multiplayer mode is only for two players and the camera does not always offer a good view of the
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