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Please rate this review-Mirror's Edge

Whenever a new game is released, I search for the scores it gets to see what it is probably like. I do this without actually reading the reviews, because other people's opinion's can color a person's expectations of a product.
I say this, because Mirror's Edge has been receiving mostly negative scores. Though it has it's faults, it is most certainly not a terrible game, just a decent game with some big flaws.
First of all, the story suffers greatly from a lack of explanation. Faith, the lead character is a free runner, who delivers packages from point A to point B, even though the contents of these packages are never revealed or even really talked about. We are supposed to be led to believe that the government is evil, and the only example of this is shown when they start shooting at you. They seem to like to keep things clean as well, because the environments don't have a single speck of dirt anywhere. Hell, even the sewer level is ridicuously clean and polished, ridden of even the most stubborn shit stains.
But the gameplay is the heart of the entertainment in this game. While running, you will naturally pick up speed, and objects will go in and out of focus, just like looking through real human eyes. The controls are simple, so just about anyone can pick it up and play it. However, being in first person, it can sometimes be difficult to judge jumps properly, where you will end up splattered on the pavement, just like my poor (imaginary pet) Mr. Freckles... Anyway, the last thing I absolutely must talk about are the god awful cut scenes. Not only do they not match the in-game graphics, the way they are animated reminds me of those terrible eSurance commercials, but with more suck, because they gratuitously remind of the poorly told story that Ididn't care about in the first place.
Mirror's Edge is supposed to be the first game in a planned trilogy, so perhaps in the next two games they can improve the story. But, if you are looking for a game that is unique, and also want to have some mindless fun, than Mirror's Edge is worth at least a moment of your time.

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