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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

I finished one game on Governor level and am nearing a finish on Revolutionary level. I have some good tips to give based on the first game, but I'm confused about why my rebel sentiment is going up so slowly at the Revolutionary level.

First, on Governor level, beating the king was very easy. I had one city pumping out SotL's, I had plenty of soldiers and cannons in my two main coastal cities that the King would most likely attack, and I had a monster amount of dragoons -- almost as many as the king had. Dragoons beat every other unit except the King's dragoons, and each enemy wave usually sports a few enemy dragoons with a bunch of artillery and soldiers. All I did was first use any healed general mod'd dragoons to smash enemy dragoons. Then, I sacrificied a couple of cannons to damage any remaining enemy dragoons. Then, when all of the enemy dragoons were dead or damaged, my vast horde of dragoons would sweap in, clear out the enemy land units, and move back into a city to heal up. (I use the founding father that gives +1 movement to dragoons, so it's a swift and deadly one move operation).

The best part was that I was able to finish it off with naval victory. I started with about 7 SotL's versus his 13 or so MoW. At first I despaired about the 12 strength of the MoW's, but I realized that the game is actually correctly balanced, because this enables you to kill one MoW for every one of your SotL used. How? Simply sacrifice one SotL to damage a MoW and then use a second SotL to finish it off and return to port and heal. Rinse and repeat. I damaged his navy pretty well at the start and then continued to pump out SotL's while the King couldn't add to his total. By occationally leaving my transport ships out as bait to get MoW's to damage themselves against them, I finally eliminated the King's entire navy with more than half of his ground army left in Europe. The game smartly ended at that point, and it was very simple.

Now, with my problems on Revolutionary level... I knew things would be harder, so I set up two cities to pump out SotL's. I have a great and powerful city setup and I'm ready to take on the King's army and navy to see how my civ does. The problem is that My rebel sentiment just won't go up fast enough. With newspapers in every city, I've put three regular citizens in every town hall and 3 Elder Statesmen in each of my two main coastal cities. I started spamming liberty bells at around 1720 and it's closing on 1760 and I'm only at about 30% rebel sentiment. For the past ten turns I've made sure not to let my population grow at all, but still the rebel sentiment bar just isn't increasing fast enough. I'm afraid that by the time I declare myself independent, the game will have ended already. Any ideas of what I should do? (The English computer player already took all the liberty bell generating founding fathers).

-- Geri
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