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Grand Theft Auto 4 - Please Rate This Review

HIGH: Sumptuous visuals, a fantastic script, memorable characters and a tighter, more focussed experience.

LOW: Fewer activities than before; the experience has to end eventually.

WTF: Watching a pedestrian gesticulating at a driver for his bad manners. Such realism!

Although Sandbox games are appreciated for their variety, it's often this exercise in diversity that proves their downfall. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas offered equal chunks of shooting and driving with the odd lithe-stepped filch as an aside. However, when each of the elements that made up the game were viewed separately, the package seemed distinctly less impressive.

Ultimately San Andreas and its ilk have gotten away with wowing you by their sheer size. Had the driving sections in Carl Johnson’s adventure been a stand-alone title, review scores would have been vastly lower. However, since the entire package was weaved together to form a cohesive experience you tended to overlook the lack of depth.

Grand Theft Auto 4 on the other hand strips the fat from the formula and provides a far more solid experience. While some might baulk at the game’s lack of RPG experience points (a feature of San Andreas, its forebear) it’s difficult to deny that what is on offer is expertly executed. The gunfights, for one, rely on a cover-centric model similar to Gears of War. This instantly transforms the gameplay and more intelligent firefights ensue. The realistic driving mechanics take getting used to, but once mastered, the experience feels akin to a proper racing game. The fact that the shooting and driving and the various other activities are housed under roof in such fine style (and are all comparable to genre-equivalents) only helps to solidify Grand Theft Auto 4 as the best in the series. Moreover, it can be taken seriously as a veritable experience on all fronts.

The game’s protagonist, Niko Bellic, becomes a hitman of sorts as his sociopath willingness to do anything (if the money is right) is revealed. The character is beautifully handled by Rockstar. Bellic runs the gamut of being too bloodthirsty while housing an aptitude for morality under his cold veneer, and his shady past adds intrigue throughout proceedings; a far cry from Carl Johnson’s fairly spelled-out past. What propels this moral juggling-act forward is the fact that, during the course of the game, you’ll be given the choice of killing certain characters or letting them live. While it sounds fairly straightforward, the sheer quality of the writing ensures that you’ll deliberate your decision.

Of course, Grand Theft Auto 4 could always have benefited from more to do. The entertaining internet cafes only appeal for so long and the clothes-conscious will criticize the scant collection of garments on offer. Still, Rockstar has ensured that no element of the game has gone half-baked and whether it’s the technical prowess on display or the sheer quality of the writing, you’ll finish the title appreciating the effort that has gone into this slimmer experience. Grand Theft Auto 4 plays it safe. And safe has never seemed better.


Disclosures:The game was obtained via a store and reviewed on the Xbox 360. The game was played for approximately 35 hours.

Parents: The game features excessive violence, and should be kept away from anyone under 17 years of age.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Though the experience will be lessened, Grand Theft Auto 4 features sub-titles and can still be enjoyed by gamers with hearing impediments.

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Re: Grand Theft Auto 4 - Please Rate This Review

Opinions? Responses appreciated...
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Brad Gallaway
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Re: Grand Theft Auto 4 - Please Rate This Review

Hey Audio.

Just for the record i'm going to state up front that i pretty much hated GTA IV.

That said, your writing is solid and you have a persuasive voice. it's smooth and very readable. definitely some good work there.

critically, i have some issues with some of your statements... for example:

Had the driving sections in Carl Johnsonís adventure been a stand-alone title, review scores would have been vastly lower

the same sort of thing could be said about any sandbox game, GTA IV included IMO, so it doesn't really hit a chord with me as a solid point to make.

i also feel like you were rushing the end a little bit. i would have liked the review to be a little longer.

you've got the chops, so going on in a bit more depth would be totally welcome in this situation. (though i do think you did a great job of condensing it down!)

nice work.
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Chi Kong Lui
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Re: Grand Theft Auto 4 - Please Rate This Review

Hi Audio, for the High/Low points, don't list out multiple pros and cons. Use those spaces to describe the single highest and lowest moments in the game for you in storytelling detail.

As for the review, for a game that you consider to 9.5, which is near perfection, I didn't really get why you thought so highly of the game. There was no specific details that communicated your enthusiam and excitement for the game.

Think about what really made this game for you and tell the story of what the experience was like.

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