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Dale Weir
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New Feature Posted: Bargain Basement - August 2006

Brad Gallaway brings us another Bargain Basement, enlisting the help of Daniel Weissenberger. This edition covers Electronic Arts' TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, Capcom's Devil Kings and LucasArts' Wrath Unleashed.

"TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2 were interesting, lopsided games combining first-person shooter play and time travel. They gathered a lot of attention, but nonexistent plots and lackluster singleplayer modes kept them out of the big leaguesóboth, a clear waste of strong potential. Developers Free Radical must have felt the same way because their third attempt at the concept, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, comes off like a "do-over" that summarizes the first two efforts and builds on top of them, combining the whole mess into something that finally feels like a complete game."

Read more here:
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