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Rate this Review - CoD: WaW Zombie Mode

High The ability to blast zombies with the ray gun.
Low There’s only one map to play this zombie mode on.
WTF Nazi zombies?!

Developed by Treyarch, “Call of Duty: World at War” is built on the Call of Duty 4 engine and has a lot to live up to. World at War diverts from typical modern combat and instead goes back to World War II. The game pits you as a marine in the Pacific Theatre and as a Russian soldier in the push to Berlin. In addition to the typical campaign mode, however, there is a new Nazi zombie co-op mode, which is unlocked after the entire campaign is completed, called Nacht der Untoten, or German for “Night of the Undead.” Basically you hold up in a bunker with up to three other people and defend against endless waves of Nazi zombies. It’s a fun little arcade mode that’s complete with item stores and power-ups.

What the zombie mode does well is that it makes it feel like fighting is about survival instead of mindless killing. You and up to three others are making a final stand inside a bunker where zombies break in from barricaded doors and windows. Killing the zombies and repairing the barricades give you points, which in turn can be used to buy different weapons and ammunition and unlock different areas inside the bunker. Unlocking more areas, means that there are more locations where zombies may enter. Upon finishing each level, the zombies become faster and stronger; this poses a greater threat and forces the player to make quick decisions regarding points and unlocking new areas.

As you get through different areas in the bunker, you find more things, such as the mystery box which gives you random weapons. One of those random weapons is the ray gun. The ray gun is such an amazing weapon since it not only does immense amounts of damage but also has large magazines. As opposed to bullets, the ray gun shoots a green orb which explodes on impact. The idea of having the ultimate weapon alone sounds amazing (just at the cost of 950 points each time you take a chance at the mystery box).

What makes the zombie mode more interesting is the chance that zombies will drop power-ups, of which are max ammo, double points, a nuke, or insta-kill, upon dying. These power-ups make the rounds easier. In addition to these perks, Treyarch strategically places barrels outside of the bunker which when shot, explode and kill everything around them. This all adds to a broad range of strategies as well as an aspect which relies on luck.

The overall graphics is extremely smooth and flows well in conjunction with the opening cinematic and a creepy audio. The cinematic shows a survivor, possibly of a plane crash, gasping for air and watching as a zombie runs towards him. After the cinematic, the first round begins with a chilling female snicker and zombie moans. The thick fog of war adds to the eerie and menacing atmosphere. Treyarch does a great job with choices in the setting as well as props. The dilapidated bunker is dimly lit with only a few lights and has a multitude of entry points for the zombies, which contribute to the mortality factor making the game more adrenaline-pumping.
The Nazi zombies are highly detailed compared to other zombie mods which definitely add to the gameplay. Treyarch deliberately combined zombies and Nazis because, well let’s face it, people never get tired of massacring Nazis or zombies. When seen up close, which means you usually aren’t in a good situation, the Nazi zombies are wearing Schutzstaffel black uniforms with red armbands with white Swastikas.

The option to play the zombie mode as a coop with up to three other people makes it much more interesting. When you get hurt in coop you get knocked down in a final stand whereas in single mode, you would lose. Coop mode provides a better opportunity to reach higher levels and allows players to strategize. I mean who wouldn’t want to kill a bunch of zombies with their friends.

The downsides to the zombie mode in “Call of Duty: World at War,” however, are that there is originally only one map to play on and you cannot choose your class. Nacht der Untoten is a small map with multiple sections (three to be exact), and it begins to feel repetitive after a while. The lack of variety in this undercuts the potential of this creative risk in World at War. The other downside is the inability to choose different classes, which takes away different perks. Again, this just makes the zombie mode seem a bit monotonous.

Disclosures: This game was obtained via retail download and reviewed on the PC. Approximately 3 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes and 2 hours of play to multiplayer modes.

Parents: “Call of Duty: World at War” has been rated M by the ESRB, and contains blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language. Typically, kids should not be playing this game. Basically there is just a lot of blood and gore and when you shoot a zombie you can hear their brains being blown out.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing: Audio is not an important factor in the zombie mode. It is just a survival mode and the goal is to stay alive and kill as many zombies as you can.
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