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Please rate this review: Perfect World International

High: The game has beautiful character design and fighting effects. The customization is also so detailed that no character will look the same. Whether youíre a fan of Final Fantasy-like characters, or a lover of Oblivion realism, youíll love the character you make. Oh yeah, itís also free to play.

Low: Leveling 1-19 was breezy. And the Tideborn starting area is beautiful. Itís just that the rest of the leveling is grinding by quest command and the rest of the map has no area variation. Hopefully this will change with the release of the new expansion, Genesis (expected to come out in February 2011).

WTF: This game can be full of glitches sometimes. Example? My pants randomly come off. I always wonder if other characters can see it or not; hopefully not, because my pale ass would look better in the pretty armor the game is brewing with.

The Basics:The game has four races: the Untamed, the Tideborns, the Winged Elves, and the Humans.
There are two classes per race.
For the Untamed, a player can be either a Barbarian (tank) or a Venomancer (a hunter-type class). Venomancers can only be females, however, and Barbarians can only be males.
The winged elves have the Cleric and Archer classes, the Archer being one of the best at AOE skills.
Tideborns have Assassins (rogues) and Psychics (similar to the mages in Aion). The Psychics are amazing nukers, but mana regeneration can be slow.
Humans have Wizards, and they must be female, and they also have Blademasters thatóyou guessed itómust be male.
The gender specification is unfortunate, I admit, but as I said before, the characterization available makes up for the gender limits.

Surprisingly, this game allows players to specialize in all professions: apothecary, tailor, blacksmith, and craftsman.

We all know that when it comes to North American MMOs, Blizzard wears the crown. However, that didnít stop Perfect World from going international; in fact, it seemed to inspire the company. Perfect World International is so similar to World of Warcraft that it appears as though Perfect World Entertainment just copied the game entirely, and if they did, I donít know who could blame them. The differences are slight: Perfect World has guild wars instead of battlegrounds, a solo instance known as the Cube of Fate, and a storyline wrapped around Chinese mythology. Any other differences could be described more as what WoW has, and what Perfect World doesnít. The gameís suspicious resemblance in its visual representation and its gameplay to WoW either strikes your fancy, or doesnít. For meósomeone who was suffering from Blizzard withdrawals and an empty
walletóit did more than strike my fancy.

But you have to lower your expectations.

If youíre used to playing pay to play online games, Perfect World will seem less than perfect.

Anyone whoís interested should know that itís a major time consumer, mainly because its sole source of income depends on the players using real money to buy awesome in game items. Therefore it makes getting awesome in game items in game very difficult. For example, if you want to get a glowing dragon mount, you have to do 80 different quests that require farming items. One item called a dull claw has a 20% drop rate. Thatís not so bad, seeing as some of the drops rates are even twice as low. But those 80 quests are CHAIN quests. And you have to finish the entire quest chain to get credit towards your dragon. Unless you want to fork out the real cash, you have to fork out the effort.
Again, Perfect World Entertainment has to give players an incentive to buy from their boutique, so in game coins are inefficient for anything except the absolute necessities (crafting, skills, potions, teleporting). Some items cost a ridiculous amount (2 million to have an in game marriage). Thatís something I think players new to the game should be aware of, as well as the fact that the leveling after 20 can be kind of slow. There's just always a catch to free MMOs.

This is either a pro or a con, depending on your point of view, but the level cap is over 100. Yeah, Iím not there yet, and I canít promise you that I will ever be, but at least I wonít ever run out of goals. This game is made for people who plan on spending at least a few months on their character.

But if you donít mind spending time on this game, and if youíre aware of the gameís economy, youíll enjoy it as much as I do. I see the hard work necessary to earn cool stuff as a plus, because most online games are being so benevolent these days that items seem less valuable.

Sure, the game could use some improvement, but itís an amazing free online game. Believe me, after playing Fiesta and Dofus, this is a Godsend. It has kept me entertained for at least 30 hours and counting, always rewarding me every ten levels with either a new mount, or a new instance.

You can find the game available for download at: http://pwi.perfectworld.com/download

Dicslaimers: It requires Windowsģ XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, at least 1 GB of RAM, and 5 GB of hard drive space (more recommended). More detailed requirements can be seen by clicking on the above link.
The music for this game is pretty, but the sound effects are repetitive and sometimes irrelevant. I donít think the sound is necessary; itís not like WoW where you hear a murloc and know itís time to run for cover.
The only thing in this game that would bother parents that I can think of is the violence. (And of course the pants glitch).
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Re: Please rate this review: Perfect World International

I find the gender restrictions on the classes to be a curious thing. It probably doesn't affect anything since male and female have the same capabilities, but why do this when the competition--WoW--doesn't have this restriction?
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