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Re: New Feature Posted: Portable Project - July 2004

For those of you who have PDAs, is this really a problem? If I have a charger for my car and at work, wouldn't that be sufficient?
It could definitely be sufficient if you're a full-timer at work, but it really depends on your habits and expectations.

I use a Pocket PC to run a C64 emulator (Pocket Commodore 64... it's the greatest!), and the battery charges don't last all that long since there's so much going on, like constant sound, screen brightness at the higher end, continual input from the controls. I'd take a wild guess that I can go an hour and a half before I start getting low on battery power.

Although plugging it into an outlet when the juice levels are low isn't the end of the world, it's irritating to have to have this babysitter mentality. Since this Pocket PC was relatively cheap, and was not designed to play games, I can forgive it. But for $300US-$400US, I expect more from a device that's billed as a gaming platform.

But that's just me. I want my mind to be free, and not have to worry about charges, which is how things are with my GBA SP. If you can make Zodiac-charging a part of your daily regimen, and not find it a hassle, then why the hell not!
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