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Re: New Feature Posted: Portable Project - July 2004

I'm actually interested in checking this bad boy out (SNES & Genesis on the go? Sign me up!), but my enthusiasm is definitely hampered by the relatively short battery life.

For those of you who have PDAs, is this really a problem? If I have a charger for my car and at work, wouldn't that be sufficient?

I also believe that PalmOS-based gaming devices might just have a bright future, but I'm worried about software development getting mired in hardware battles. A company could feasibly create a game with a Palm core and add extensions (required to use the special features on the Zodiac like rumble, full-screen, et al.) for multiple devices. All that would be required would be a portable gaming standard (similar to the MPC specifications years ago) and consumers could choose from a wealth of titles across multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, I have doubts as to whether or not such a solution could come to pass. If Tapwave encourages, rather than disuades, competition, devices like the Zodiac could seriously take off.

As it is, I'd hate to own a DS, PsP, & GBA, and have to buy seperate media (such as movies) for all of them.

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