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Ok, I *Finally* got around to beating Alter Echo. It's a good game, but it suffered from one of my pet peeves and that's having boss fights that are exponentially harder than 99% of the actual non-boss gameplay.

I don't mind hard bosses if the game is hard in general. But the majority of Alter Echo was very, very, easy--with the exception of 3 or 4 of the boss battles. In fact my will to finally get this game over and done with prompted me to do something I hadn't done in about 4 years--and that's use a cheat code. I admit it, I used a "replenish health" cheat code once or twice in that last series of boss battles. I gave it a bunch of tries without the codes--never used a code elsewhere in the game--but finally just wanted the damn thing over and done with. Oh well.
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