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I beat Phantasy Star on the GBA last night. I have been casually playing through the first one for the past few months. I think that is probably the 135th time I have beaten the original PS. I'm playing PS Collection mindlessly, it is by no means the focus of my gaming. PS2 is next.

As for full tilt game time lately I'm focusing on:

Gold cups in 150cc on Mario Kart DD
I dusted off my incomplete game in Splinter Cell (Chinese Embassy is tough).
Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap on the SMS. Finally picked up this gem.

On pause:
Fire Emblem
Metroid Prime hard run
Mario and Luigi Superstar Story

Of course, all this is out the window when I get my hands on Harvest Moon today (can't play it until tomorrow due to having a gig tonight).
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