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Haven't beaten it yet (on hard) but I just got 100% on Metroid Prime. Damn I forgot how much I loved this game. Just gotta kill me some Ridley and Prime and I'm done. It's so much easier for me this time, too, even on hard.

The only really hard part of the game has been the hard version of the Guantlet of Neverending Pain. I remember having trouble on easy but Whoo-BOY was that hard on hard. But I found a secret! [SPOILER PERHAPS?] In that room with the spider tracks that you can move around, if you line up the red tracks you can go up to the second level and, if you hang over the edge and bomb, bomb yourself on top of the track. Then, if you get out of the ball on top of the red track overhang you can jump up to where the Grapple Beam is before you've got the Power Bombs yet. This effectively gives you a save point right in the middle of the Guantlet of Excruciating Evil (Main Quarry's Save Station).
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