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Right now:
Re-beating Metroid Prime on hard. Will get 100% of items for first time, too. Missed a crucial scan, so 100% scans is not going to happen for this run. I've got all four beams and visors and maybe half of the artifacts, I'm going through making sure I have most of the upgrades, too. I haven't used a guide yet, I'm just going through really pickily and getting way more than I did on my first play through (after finally noticing that the upgrades make noise). I'll use a guide to get the remnants after I beat hard mode for the first time, probably.

Thief 2-had it for years and as much as I love it, it's too stressful for me or something. With the 3rd one coming out soon, though, I have to finish it
Mario and Luigi-got maybe halfway through and the holiday season made me forget it
KOTOR-bought it and the beginning hour or two bored the hell out of me... should I give it another chance?
FFX-decided to give a JRPG a chance. I actually loved FF2 & 3 (4 & 6?) on the SNES and enjoyed the first half or so of this game but then fizzled out. If I go back, it's been so long that I may have to re-start (that won't happen).
A couple of games that I got for $7 each at blockbuster-Resident Evil and Agent Under Fire. People like Resident Evil? I may not try to beat it. Agent Under Fire is ok but I can't get excited enough to put it in more often than once a month.
both GTAs-I've got both and never beat either. The hype will probably cause me to get the third one, which I'll never finish.
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