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Xbox One is cheaper than the PS4 in Canada

If you look at the links below you will see that the Xbox One bundle without Kinect is cheaper than its competition, the Playstation 4.

Xbox One:
Playstation 4:

Back in March, Sony said that the price increase was "to respond to changes in the market environment," which I believe is a response to the Canadian dollar decreasing in value against the American dollar.

Now I'm not here to butcher Sony and say "Oh my gosh, how could they do this?!". I understand what Sony is doing. They are trying to find an excuse to increase the price to make even more money off of the Playstation 4. Do I blame them? No, from what I've heard Sony (as a whole) is still suffering from financial issues.

So I understand the need for them to try and earn extra money, and with the sales of the Playstation 4 Sony probably thought people (Canadians to be specific) were going to overlook this. But with the recently announced Xbox One bundle without a Kinect, and a price tag cut by a hundred dollars, Sony might be regretting their decision. As I believe more Canadian consumers (such as myself) will prefer the Xbox One experience over the Playstation 4's because of a lower price, and because a lot of gamers have been demanding Microsoft get rid of the Kinect, and now they have.
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