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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

In less confusing news, I finished Child of Light today, and I know exactly where I stand with that game.

The art is gorgeous. The game is worth playing for the art alone. I'm a sucker for 2d parallax effects, and this game has the best I've ever seen. I hope Ubisoft starts licensing out this "UbiArt" engine for other games, because I want to see a lot more of it.

The gameplay was entirely pleasant. The game is a JRPG at heart, but it's one of the good ones that avoids all grinding. There are no random battles at all, and most non-boss battles can be avoided altogether. The turn based battle system was interesting enough to remain fun for the entire game (which is short, by RPG standards).

The game is also full of the sorts of little details that let you know it was a labor of love. For example, every bit of dialog in the game rhymes (not particularly well, perhaps, but I found it endearing).

My one major complaint is that the story was just fairy tale nonsense. It's almost always a bad sign in fiction when a story starts by announcing it's taking place within a dream. Too often writers use a dreamworld as an excuse to cram all sorts of random fantasy imagery into a world that doesn't have to make sense. Child of Light's story does exactly that. Some of the small moments between characters still manage to be touching, but the overall arc of the game is just one long string of forgettable fantasy tropes.

The lack of strong narrative really hurts Child of Light. It's a shame, because the game does everything else right.

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