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Re: Anyone playing Titanfall on the PC?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post

And you are talking to one of the perhaps 3 people worldwide who think Fallout 3 was overhyped and still is overrated. I liked the first two Fallout games, I never cared much for the Bethesda school of RPG (albeit giving them a fair shot on a regular basis, most recently with Skyrim). Hence I never quite understood why people think creators of the giant but bland Oblivion would be a good fit for Fallout, a game full with character and (post apocalyptic) charm and humor. I played Fallout 3 less than 20 hours, before I got so bored with it I literally fell asleep (ok, was quite late, but still) in one of those copy & paste subway tunnels. Well, it's big, I give 'em that.

Fallout 3 was my first experience with the franchise. I really loved it, but the tunnels were pretty bad. Once you have opened up the areas and can fast travel, it becomes less of a nuisance.

I recently tried to play the original Fallout on my laptop, when I was out of town. The user-interface felt clunky and I had to look up how to climb a stupid ladder, because the reprint doesn't come with a manual. I may give it another go on a desktop, but as of now, I'm not feeling it.
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