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Re: Anyone playing Titanfall on the PC?

Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
It was more like fans of the series hyping up the game (including press), while games like Titanfall seemed more like viral marketing.
Really? I didn't notice much of Titanfall until very recently, when the usual EA marketing dollars were dishing out the usual swell of trailers, begging consumers to pre-order. But that's what you get with every AAA-game, Titanfall or not. It's nothing compared to Assassins Creed I think. As a matter of fact I remember even the people at IGN talking a bit sceptical about it before it got to hands-on events, after which they became the usual cheerleaders. But at least they're not gametrailers. And the rest of the hype came from yt-persons with access to the beta, like Zanbatou pointed out.

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
But that's imho exactly the difference of the Titanfall hype to those mentioned more "natural" hypes, [...]
Hype is hype, it doesn't matter to me if it's "natural" or Frankenstein himself created it.

And you are talking to one of the perhaps 3 people worldwide who think Fallout 3 was overhyped and still is overrated. I liked the first two Fallout games, I never cared much for the Bethesda school of RPG (albeit giving them a fair shot on a regular basis, most recently with Skyrim). Hence I never quite understood why people think creators of the giant but bland Oblivion would be a good fit for Fallout, a game full with character and (post apocalyptic) charm and humor. I played Fallout 3 less than 20 hours, before I got so bored with it I literally fell asleep (ok, was quite late, but still) in one of those copy & paste subway tunnels. Well, it's big, I give 'em that.

It was more were the hype originated from than if it was deserved or not.
As stated above, where hype does or does not originate from does not matter for me. Hype is hype and I tend to judge a game by it's merits and not by the amount of free or paid PR it gathered before release.

For the record: I got annoyed with the Dark Souls 2 marketing campaign quite early on, when they started doing bullshit facebook surveys with which tagline they should hype up the marketing. Or those interviews where they made it sound like it should be the new Skyrim, as if that's the only thing a modern rpg could aspire to. Does it detract from the final game? No.
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