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Re: Dark Souls 2

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I upgraded my Varangian Sword (168 atk) and it now has 87 atk and 87 lightning atk. Disappointng
Yes, the nerfed elemental weapons down to a size where it's not a necessary evil if you want to survive any kind of invasion by other players. Speaking of which, I got invaded two times yesterday, by one guy who looked like Havel holding a lightning spear (dude, you're in the wrong game) and by the probably worst invader in recent memory. I came down from the bonfire at forest of giants on my aimless stumbling about to find out where the hell I'm supposed to go with my 4 lord's souls (btw. I cleaned up 3 of the major beasties - manbeast, spidey and diablo - yesterday in one clean go, it was going so fast I was almost in shock). Instead of attacking with his giant sword he ran up the ladder to... I don't know what. I was just going on doing what I intended to do (dead end in my investigation on that part) and he still hadn't attacked, but since I was being invaded I couldn't homeward bone out so I had to wait for that moron to finally "chase me down". If he would have been in the Fugitive, Harrison Ford would still be running. Then he swung his giant sword aimlessly about and turned his back on me repeatedly, resulting in not one but two backstabs even though I wasn't fishing or anything.

Anyway: when you collect the 4 big souls you have to go to the shrine of winter where a door will open. And then you have to operate the most impractical door opening mechanism in recent memory, perhaps all time. If the door to your castle only opens with ritual sacrifice, you're probably not a king that goes out very often.

Drangleic Castle... well, if you thought Dark Souls 2 got a bit soft, wait for DC, it will change your mind on that front. It's like they made a list of all the things people found annoying in the previous games and put them in one lengthy gauntlet (acid? check, poison? check, archers and narrow stairs? check, curse? check, untimely npc invasions? check) with no bonfire at the end but a nice boss fog. I was not looking forward to suffering through that section again, so I used an effigy, summoned two sunbros and steamrolled the poor boss behind that particular fog-gate. I almost felt pity for him. No, I didn't. If you hide between acid, poison, archers, giants, curses and narrow staircases you deserve what's coming for you.

@Limited respawns: I haven't really noticed them yet. There are only 3 places I think where I killed the local monster population often enough to stop them from coming again. If I have too many souls I just put on the ring of lifesaving, which only costs 3000 souls to repair, which is a cheap insurance policy if you happen to stand at the gate with 50k souls like I did last night.

I also didn't clear out the area to the lost sinner, I actually just ran through once the gate was open. But I also killed the Sinner on my second attempt, found her surprisingly easy to beat. Like with Artorias there are a lot of people who seem to have problems with that fight, while it really suits my particular hiding behind shield and be careful with attacking-approach.

Now I'm in front of the Mirror Knight, or Looking Glass Knight. I had myself being summoned yesterday to get a taste and it seems perfectly doable... with a summon. I won't try that fight solo after what I saw yesterday, don't want to put spoilers here. I did most of the bosses solo so far. Notable exceptions are the first encounter in DC, the Smelter Demon and that spider. All of those have in common that the way from the bonfire to the gate takes too long for my taste.
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