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Re: Dark Souls 2

Found the ember! Not that it is greatly useful at the moment - I upgraded my Varangian Sword (168 atk) and it now has 87 atk and 87 lightning atk. Disappointng

What do people think of the limited respawns (I am pretending there are more than me & Li-Ion in here)? I am finding an issue in that if I get to a fog gate with 7000 souls, there is no way I am going through that gate. So I end up back at the bonfire and collecting another 7000, and now I am probably massively over levelled despite spending 10ks of souls on rings, miracles, spells etc.

The other thing is I feel I need to clear out a level to make a clear path to the boss (eg the sea creatures on the Lost Sinner level) or my concentration is broken. So again, I am kind of 'forced' into farming.
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