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Re: Dark Souls 2

Yesterday was the first time I got the sense of oh, "THAT's where I am?!?" like I got when coming out from Blighttown to New Londo or gazed from the Tomb of Giants to Lost Izalith in Dark Souls 2. I was kinda stuck between a petrified enemy who blocked the way and the scorpion king (I don't know what he is exactly but that's how I choose to call... uhm... him?) and saw a stone circle that looked vaguely familiar. I put on my fall damage reduction ring and took a leap, just to land in front of a friendly NPC I just had a chat with an hour earlier. "Oh, so nice of you to visit again", he said.

Dark Souls 2 feels more like a proper world than DaS1 since it branches out more, but I still liked DaS1's level design more.

Also, are the Heide Towers Anor Londo? It seems to me, I mean there are so many obvious clues that the city that fell into the sea is Anor Londo of old... the old Dragonslayer, Lloyds Talisman, Divine Blessings, similar Architecture, similar looking giant guards... if that's the case, what happened to the Undead Burg? Is the Fortress of the Forest of Giants built on the remnants of the Undead Burg? Where is the Valley of Drakes then? Is Huntsman's Copse where the Oolacile Royal Gardens/Darkroot Gardens used to be?

Yesterday I walked under the giant bridge that can be seen from Majula, not sure if it leads to what once was undead burg but I somehow doubt it, because it should be 'behind' a mountain range from Anor Londo.
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