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Re: Dark Souls 2

I wiped out the 3 crossbow/greatsword guys at the bonfire in sinners rise. They annoyed me one time too often.

Did you get invaded at any point so far? I only got invaded once and that was in Belfry, which seems to be a designated pvp area since there is a covenant with the sole purpose of keeping the bells safe. Other than that it was only NPC phantoms and a nasty dark spirit so far, but the dark spirit didn't invade, he was just standing there in front of the fog gate. Watching, waiting...

One other thing: I'm still too used to knowledge from the first Dark Souls, so that it just occurred to me that it's now possible to aim crossbows properly. And there are some illusory walls that can still be bashed in after all, so I was not going crazy because I was sure I bashed in at least one illusory wall in DaS2 before figuring out those in the Bastille can only be opened by pressing X.
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