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Re: Dark Souls 2

Bosscounter update
Forest of Giants
The Last Giant (3)
Pursuer (3)
Heide's Tower
Old Dragonslayer (2)
Dragonrider (2)
No Man's Wharf
Flexible Guardian (1)
Lost Bastille
Ruin Sentinels (3)
Huntsman's Copse
Skeleton Lords (4)

Now I'm in front of a ghostly chariot on fire and figured out what I'm supposed to do in my first two attempts. I'm getting a bit too tired now to have a proper go at it now, but the chariot will fall... soon...

@Stats we seem to pretty similar in terms of stats then, I also went for a Dex/Str combo for now since I like this "quality build" since the Demon's Souls days.

Found a magic mace. Upgraded to +3, just what I need for all those pesky little skeletons and their necromancers. Not quite as good for backstabbing some of those weird cultists running around, hence my longsword +4 is in slot two. Since my longsword broke in my first attempt at the ruin sentinels mid-fight (and trying to get another weapon in the inventory resulted in failure), I always have 2 weapons ready at all times

I also found out today that you open illusory walls by tapping X, instead of attacking. NOOOOOO! Why did they change that?
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