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Re: Dark Souls 2

I have 23 in STR, 22 DEX, 20 END. Pretty standard stuff I guess. Have you seen any videos of mages playing? I watched a couple of boss fights and the guy in them was rolling constantly and then blasting the boss with Soul Arrow from a distance. It didn't look much fun to play.

So I am standard STR/DEX combo. Could not wait to get a shield once I started (and that took long enough), and eventually a light blade. I have a Varangian Sword (good meaty thwacking) +3 and a Falchion +3 as well as the Fire Sword +4. Have you seen any good scaling weapons? Highest I have seen for Dex is a B.

Edit: Oh, I haven't even progressed through the Lost Bastille yet. I got fed up with those little stone buggers ("let's put 5 of these guys just inside the door") and stopped at the gate to the three sisters or whatever they are. I went in the other direction instead, up into the woods

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