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Re: Dark Souls 2

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Which brings me to: I have a feeling the internet will soon be emitting howls of rage. As I get deeper into the game the levels are excellent (if linear) and the art design and enemies are great. But I've killed several bosses on the first go, and most have been easy. Of course, famous last words etc, and I fully expect to hit a wall any moment.
So far I wasn't really struggling so much either, except for the last bit before the Lost Sinner bossfight (RAAAAAGE). But I didn't really struggle much in Dark Souls either, except for O&S, Four Kings and Manus. I am pretty sure there will be stuff coming that makes me curse and swear.

Finally, Cheapness! Brad mentioned that he doesn't feel that the developers are trolling people as much in this one: my experience is the opposite, with several very dubious encounters at this stage.
Agreed, there are much more cheap shots than in the first Dark Souls. Case in point: bonfire at Sinner's where you get shot at by 3 crossbow/greatsword guys as soon as you stand up. The entire sinner's tower and water section feels pretty cheap, especially in contrast to most of the rest of the game and previous Souls'.

how are you leveling your character?

I'm at the moment going a bit the survivability route, have Str and Dex at 20 which enables me to use a wide variety of weapons and am raising mostly defensive stats right now. Wearing heavy armor surely helps there.
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