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Re: Dark Souls 2

No Mans Wharf is now literally that, as I have executed every living thing there. Including the merchant (lurking in a building which is clearly a trap in every other way was inadvisable).

Agree about the bow, it finally came into its own in this level. Would maybe have liked more archers to take advantage of the special enemy attacks.

The boss gave me some trouble, again due mostly to inattention, but the first few times because I felt pressured by time in that fight (after taking a very cautious approach at the start and running out). It was a smart fight, if easy.

Which brings me to: I have a feeling the internet will soon be emitting howls of rage. As I get deeper into the game the levels are excellent (if linear) and the art design and enemies are great. But I've killed several bosses on the first go, and most have been easy. Of course, famous last words etc, and I fully expect to hit a wall any moment.

The other thing is I seem to be running out of content and I haven't come across a huge amount of weapons or materials with which to ascend them. Again this may prove unfounded.

Finally, Cheapness! Brad mentioned that he doesn't feel that the developers are trolling people as much in this one: my experience is the opposite, with several very dubious encounters at this stage.

I've immensely enjoyed my time with it so far though
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