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Anyone playing Titanfall on the PC?

I picked up the game today and was quite shocked to find out the game required 50 gigs of hard-drive space. I didn't have enough space left on my 250GB SSD, so I ended up installing the game on my 1TB HDD.

I'm loving the mix of ground troops to Titans. Everyone starts out on foot and with each kill you shave off X amount of seconds from your Titan's spawn time. Every time you die, several seconds appear to be added, but I'm not quite sure about that yet. Battle features a mix of drone foot soldiers, along with real players; it gives the game a feel of a more complete battleground. There's also chatter from your commander and story driven radio chat as well.

Overall, the game is pretty fun. It adds a unique FPS experience that isn't your same old stale battle. I highly recommend this title for the PC.
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