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Re: Dark Souls 2

Originally Posted by abfackeln View Post
Pedro, what level were you when you beat the first boss and how many hours were you playing at that point? Is it the guy in the red armor?
Probably about 6 hours in but level 20 or so. He is super easy, it took me about 8 tries but that's because I was impatient.

No, he is in the castle. But if you have made it to the red-armoured guy, you will also beat him easily - I did it on my first attempt and I am terrible. Do the castle guy asap as the rewards are many

I spent some time at it today and am levelling at an alarming pace. I now have good heavy and light armour (the light is the royal soldier armour though, horrible). Have opened up several new areas now, but not looking forward to the Pursuer at all, who I haven't dealt with yet.

Using the Fire Longsword +3 and the Falchion +1 (dex bonus). Levelling a lot of stats concurrently and have STR, DEX, END all around 15. It seems the new stat Adaptability affects your fall rating rather than Dex, as well as increasing Poise and the resistances.
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