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Re: Dark Souls 2

I beat the first boss after about 4 hours playtime. Took me three attempts, almost had him the second time already. The first time I wasn't aware it's a bossroom, so I just marched in, completely unprepared

Playing female knight, now running around with full elite knight armor, longsword, shield and shortbow. Been raising strength and dex evenly so far (both at 14 atm) and I noticed that unlike DaS1, the strength get's doubled when two-handing, not just multiplied by 1,5! I was quite surprised when I could two-hand the halberd with it's str. requirement of 20, when I just hat 12 str. at that point.

First thing I noticed: for some reason the game looks much better on my tv than on screenshots on the internet. I have no idea why, but a lot of the screens on the web look ugly as sin but the final game is actually pretty nice looking.

Second thing I noticed: Shields work quite different these days. Takes some time to get used to but I think I'm slowly getting there. But still not able to parry except a few enemies.

I also noticed that it's possible to become human again by helping others to beat a boss. Just did a couple of white knight duties (co-op as shade, but since I play a knight and the shades are white it's kind of appropriate) and am finally looking like a human again. Also gives quite a number of souls, which I could spend on upgrading my weapons and armor.

Next stop is the old dragonslayer, already did him couple of times as shade but my first attempt alone was unfortunately a failure since I ran straight into his spear. Well, next time I get you...

Also, so far not a single invasion, is everyone still too busy beating the game themselves to start trolling others?
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