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Re: Could Titanfall End Up A Titanfail?

I played for a few hours on PC, and enjoyed it.

I liked the inclusion of bots. They make the game feel a lot more cinematic, as they move and talk like soldiers rather than gamers. It makes the setting feel more like a real battlefield, in which a handful of elite soldiers (the human controlled players, or 'pilots') are hunting each other. The way the computer bots occasionally respond with reverence or fear when they encounter a 'pilot' is really cool.

Like Li-Ion said though, the weapons aren't nearly exotic enough to be interesting long-term. The different scale battles between mechs and humans is really the only new thing the game has going for it, and that's not terribly different from the human vs vehicle battles that other games have.

I expect it to be an incredibly fun game for about 30 hours, just based on how good it looks and how smoothly it plays. I'm actually disappointed that it doesn't seem like something worth spending the entire next year with, but thirty hours of solid fun is still well worth a purchase.
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