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Re: Could Titanfall End Up A Titanfail?

The hype-train is well on it's way. Even made me pre-order. Wait, let me remedy that.

Ok, pre-order cancelled. I just noticed it arrives too late anyway, I'll be playing Dark Souls 2 at that time

I've seen a couple of videos and looks like fun I guess. Mecha are always a plus in my book, I even played the rather average Mechwarrior Online much longer than I should have. What disappointed me a bit is that apart from the Mecha the game plays rather safe in terms of weapons and equipment. You have some assault rifle thing, you have some shotgun thing, you have some rocket launcher thing, only the smart pistol with it's built in aimbot seems a bit different from the usual. Even UT2004 had more variety, a decade ago.

Regarding system selling: pre-orders seem to be pretty strong (minus one now though). However, after the BF4 disaster-launch I'm not sure how confident I'd be about a multiplayer-only game published by EA. And there is the usual fanboy-ism of xbox owners pretending to trade in their non-existent ps4 to get a larger, slower console with a 100$ gesture and voice controller that works only when it feels like it.

Are you playing on Xbone or PC?
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