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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
Three weeks into the new year and I still haven't finished anything. I'm definitely behind schedule for my 50 game resolution [...]
Just look for some games that can be finished within 2 hours and you'll manage to catch up

from the other thread:
Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
What is the combat like in The Banner Saga? I saw a video and it looked tedious. The game looks gorgeous but I've held off on buying it because of that (plus the other half of the gameplay seems to be King of Dragon Pass type stuff, which I didn't get on with either).
I never played Dragon Pass, hence I can't comment on the latter. The turn based combat is definitely 'different'. A couple of things need getting used to, for example that it's better to bring all enemies to 1 health instead of killing them outright, since turns are alternating in a funny way. If you have 6 people but the AI only has 2 left, they essentially get 3 times as many actions per unit as they should get.

I had one fight where two almost dead slingers did way more damage than they feasibly should, because the way the initiative works. Only when one enemy is left it goes to 'pillage', which essentially means the lone survivor has to wait for all enemies to take a turn. Also, hitpoints and damage are the same stat, which is interesting. If you uncertain, just try out the free multiplayer game 'factions' and have a look yourself.

But the main draw comes not from the turn based combat, but from the story and decisions to take along the way. I'm definitely hooked on the game, just realized it's past midnight

Congrats on the S-License

But now I lost a bit interest in GT6, mainly due to The Banner Saga being more entertaining.
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