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Re: What are you playing right now?

Three weeks into the new year and I still haven't finished anything. I'm definitely behind schedule for my 50 game resolution, though not unexpectedly. I mentor for a FIRST Robotics team, making January and February my busiest months. I have been playing when I can, though.

Grid 2:
This was my first racing game that didn't include some form of banana peel. This is the first game I've played in 20 years that made me think "wow, I am really bad at this". I couldn't even finish a whole lap without crashing several times. I've improved immensely over the last ten or so hours, and it was a lot of fun learning a completely new skill. Now that I'm shaving seconds off of my lap times rather than minutes, it's a lot less exciting. I enjoyed my time with it, but I'm going to set it aside.

Hotline Miami:
It's fun, but so far it's nothing special. And a game this violent needs something special for me to put up with it, so I guess I'm done with this one too.

Ibb and Obb:
This would be a fairly standard and unimpressive puzzle platformer, except that the game focuses all its energy on co-operative gameplay. It's amazing how much this improves the experience. I'm eager to get back to this one, but since it has to be fit into two people's schedules, I'm not sure when that will be.

Long Live the Queen:
This game is surprisingly fun, considering it's all charts and still images of anime princesses. The game feels like a really complicated choose your own adventure book. I've had fun creating various princess characters (bookworm, debutante, tomboy) and seeing how long each survives in the game's narrative, but it's getting annoying starting over and reading through the same events over and over again. If the game designers could figure out how to make the game less repetitive (random events rather than a set storyline perhaps), then I think they'd have a niche classic on their hands.

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