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Red face General LoL gaming

High: the game is very entertaining, but what i loved most is the team interface, and the "lore" behind each character.
Low:even though game-play is excellent, the champions aren't "universal" so a person either chooses to play with a specific champion, or they take hours to learn new tactics with a new champion.
WTF:i may or may not have heard correctly, but i do believe that my champion called another champion a (pardon my language) "crack whore".

the game-play is entertaining although yes it does take some time to get used to the champions and the abilities that they have, as a fairly new gamer, i believe that the League of Legends keyboard setup is quite easy to use, as they keep the majority of abilities on the following keys "Q" "W" "E" "R", having said that you are able to change the keys to something you are more accustomed with. i have a question for you. you know when someone says that you use tactics from a different game that you have never heard of, and then realize that the two games use similar tactics? yeah League, and Dota1/2 use similar tactics, though not all of them are identical. you simply use "S" for stop attack and you try to last hit the enemy. In all honesty i only started gaming to be better than my boyfriend but now that i actually love playing mmo's i will be doing these a lot more (or trying to anyway)
Disclosure: this game was obtained via publisher, and reviewed on the PC. approximately 10 hours of play was devoted to to multiplayer modes.

Parents: the games are violent, as they involve hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, please do not allow your children to try anything shown in game-play at home.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: there is no assistance to my knowledge, but the games are more visual than they are sound.

this is my first review, so please help me by telling me what i need to improve and what you liked.
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